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The Yin Yang Master!

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6/25/14 03:42 am - franzeska - Parallels 2014

Wow, no activity here, huh? That's kind of depressing. I am, as usual, running Parallels, the rare Asian fandoms exchange. Onmyouji is one of the nominated fandoms. Please come join us.

Check out our FAQ and rules.
See what people are requesting.
Sign up yourself.

9/8/12 02:17 pm - spook_me - Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon 2012

Seven years of Spook Me by trillingstar.

Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon 2012 is now open! You can sign up for spook_me at Livejournal or at Dreamwidth.

Sign ups are between September 8th and 15th. You choose your own Monster Prompt, and two Secret Prompts will be emailed to you on September 16th. This years Secret Prompts are based on the artwork from classic children's books, fairy tales and fables!

The lovely banner made by trillingstar gives a taste of what to expect this year.

5/30/12 04:24 pm - franzeska - Parallels fic/art/video exchange

Hey guys. I'm running Parallels again this year. Nominations open soon, and I'd love to see some Onmyouji fans participating. This year, the exchange will be multi-media (though you can still just offer and/or request fic if you want). For more information, check out parallelsfic

This year's dates:

June 1-15th: Nominations
June 16-29th: Signups
July 1st: Assignments go out
August 1st: Assignments due
August 1st-6th: Frantic scramble to find pinch hitters
August 7th: Works go live
August 13th: Creator names are revealed

5/22/12 12:14 am - clockwork42 - Onmyoji-Related Work

Hey guys!

I've been lurking here for a few years now and really love what's been here, but I just found something out that is so nifty I needed to sign up for an LJ just to post about it.

I thought I'd let you know that there are apparently projects in the works to get some Onmyodo-related fiction translated into English and actually published.  Unfortunately, I'm not talking about the Onmyoji novels by Yumemakura Baku-sama.  However, I AM talking about the twelve-volume series called "Teito Monogatari" by Aramata Hiroshi.

Aramata wrote these novels in the 80s when he worked for the Heibonsha Encyclopedia.  He was very interested in Japanese esotericism (especially esoteric Buddhism and Onmyodo) and wrote these novels as a sort of primer to teach the Japanese people about their own esoteric customs and heritage.

And yes.  It is 100% Aramata's fault that Yumemakura Baku got the idea to write his wonderful Onmyoji series.  Aramata is credited for starting the "Seimei boom" that is still arguably going on in Japan at present.

I know that the novels do mention Abe no Seimei, but they take place during the Taisho period (pre-World War II), so Seimei himself is not an actual character in them.

If you are interested in supporting this translation project, it seems like they have a facebook page that you can "Like."  It can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Translate-TEITO-MONOGATARI-into-English/122760147810664

Based on the comments, it looks like they want to prove to a publisher that 1,000 people would be interested in buying Teito Monogatari if it were translated.  Unfortunately, only 61 people "Like" it so far.  I thought that since this was a community specific to Onmyoji, it was worth posting about here.  My apologies if I was incorrect and this doesn't belong here.

Either way, if we can prove there is enough interest and Teito Monogatari DOES get translated in English and sells well, then perhaps it would be easy to convince the same publisher to translate Yumemakura-sama's Onmyoji novels.

Thanks for hearing me out.  Again, my apologies if this post does not belong here.  I do not mean to spam the board.

-- C42

P.S. -- If you're interested in helping get Teito Monogatari translated, feel free to spread the word and get more people to Like the page.  :-)

5/18/12 04:10 pm - hideincarnate - Selling 6 Onmyoji Doujinshi

Please check them out here: http://hideincarnate.livejournal.com/592659.html

Please buy them and give them a new home!

3/12/12 03:00 pm - kikimorra - Fanfic - The Tail of Secrets, Part 2

Part 2Collapse )

Hopefully, there will be a sequel soon, if I have the time.

3/12/12 02:58 pm - kikimorra - Fanfic - The Tail of Secrets, Part 1

Pun intended ;)
Hello eveeryone, it's been a while since I posted here. Lately, my excitement with this fandom was revived, I read every single fanfic I could find and decided to produce some more 8)

Title: The Tail of Secrets
Author: Kikimorra
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance
Warnings: angst, fluff, s&m motifs
Summary: Seimei is forcefully turned into a fox, and Hiromasa's task is to look after him and eventually bring him back.
Many years ago, I wrote a fanfic with a similar basic idea, but it was much shorter and very different, and anyway, I hope my writing skills've imporved since then ;)

On with the taleCollapse )

2/29/12 07:35 pm - eawashi07 - Looking for a fic...desperately

Hello, I'm a long-time lurker and I've been searching awhile for this one fic.  I forget how the situation starts, but Hiromasa ends up with one of Seimei shikigami dolls for x-rated purposes.  The doll is at first a woman and then Seimei.  Hiromasa doesn't know that the doll!Seimei is actually the real person.  I know that's not a lot to go on but if anyone could point me to it, I would be very grateful.  Thanks so much!

2/2/12 02:50 am - trampadoo - Kiss kiss..

I wonder if you guys have seen this adorable little scene? ♥

Thanks to Odakazumasa1989 for uploading it. I watch those wonderful movies at least once a year and everytime I fall in love again with Seimei and Hiromasa. :)

10/26/11 05:12 pm - spook_me - Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon 2011

The Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon 2011 Master List is now open! There are a number of scary, chilling, and terrifying stories already up with more coming in. Check back over the next few days so you don't miss anything.

It's a pleasure doing this challenge every year. The participants are always awesome. Please remember to leave comments for the writers.
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